Offbeatz - Zen-ha tab

The Offbeatz

This song is really cool, and its not that hard to learn, either. 
Play these chords in a 12-bar blues pattern. Here's the chords:

Fsus2 Bbsus2 Csus2|---6-----|---11---|---13---||---6-----|---11---|---13---||---5-----|---10---|---12---||---------|--------|--------||---------|--------|--------||---------|--------|--------|Play those in a 12-bar blues pattern two times, and then
theres a solo. Theres no way in hell i could figure out the solo, but it sounds like it goes from the F blues scale on the 13th fret, then to the F blues scale at the 1st fret, and then back to the 13th fret. This solo puts jimi hendrix to shame. Okay, maybe its not that good, but you get the picture. After the solo play the 12-bar blues thing one more time before ending the song. That's it. Any questions or comments, email me at peace -nick-
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