Offspring - Lets Hear It For Rock Buttom tab

Song:Let's Hear It For Rock Buttom
Album:Rise and Fall,Rage and Grace
Artist:The Offspring
Date Tabbed:June,2008
Guitar Tabber:Ryan Manongdo/18/Vancouver,Ca

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~ - let it ring
. - palm muting

Gtr.Tuning:Standard Tuning

Intro:e|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|-7777---------7777-----7---| 2xD|-7777-77-55---7777-777-7---|A|-5555-77-55---5555-777-5---|E|------55-33--------555-----|
Verse 1:In my perfect...e|----3-----3------5-----5------7----7----7----7-- -------------|B|----3-----3------5-----5------7----7----7----7-- -------------|G|----4-----4------6-----6------7----7----7----7-- 4x -7777--------| D|-55----55-----77----77-----99---99---99---99---- Then -7777-7777---|A|-55----55-----77----77-----99---99---99---99---- -5555-7777---|E|-33----33-----55----55-----77---77---77---77---- ------5555---| .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Chorus:Wasting away... Play Intro 2x Verse 2:With my lack... Play Verse 1 Repeat Chorus:
Bridge prt.1:Wasting all my days...e|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|-7777------------------7777-------------------------|D|-7777-7777-5555-7777---7777-7777-5555-22222-55-77---|A|-5555-7777-5555-7777---5555-7777-5555-22222-55-77---|E|------5555-3333-5555--------5555-3333-00000-33-55---| .... .... .... ....
Bridge prt.2:All in all...e|-3~---5~---7~---7------3~---5~--7~---|B|-3~---5~---7~-----7----3~---5~--7~---|G|-------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
Bridge prt.3:Ohhhh... Gtr.1:Play Verse
Gtr.2e|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|-4-44-2---4-44-----4-44-2--4-44-----| 4xD|----------------4---------------4---|A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|
Bridge prt.4:It's hard to know...e|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------7777--------|D|-5555-7777--5555-7777--5555-7777--7777-7777---|A|-5555-7777--5555-7777--5555-7777--5555-7777---|E|-3333-5555--3333-5555--3333-5555-------5555---| .... .... .... .... .... ....
Repeat Chorus:
Gtr.2 Enterse|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|-7-77-----------------7-77-------------|D|-7-77-----------------7-77-------------|A|-5-55--7-9-7-5-7-5~---5-55--5-7--7-5---|E|---------------------------------------|
Repeat until the song fades out End.. Let's Hear It For Rock Buttom Lyrics: Verse 1: In my perfect isolation I can stay here for awhile Antidotes and revelations Just extend my own exile Chorus: Wasting away The world’s right in front of me Funny you should say That it’s all in my head Wasting away We’re hitting rock bottom And going down in flames Well it’s not that bad Verse 2: With my lack of observation I can stay in here for days Could you find my motivation I can’t see it through this haze Repeat Chorus: Wishing away The world’s right in front of me Call me anyway Cause it’s all in my head Wasting away We’re hitting rock bottom And going down in flames Well it’s not that bad Bridge prt.1: Wasting all my days What would Ivan say Wasting all my days What would Ivan say Wasting away We’re hitting rock bottom Call me anyway Cause I got two friends Wasting away We’re going down together And all in all it’s not so bad All in all it’s not so bad Bridge prt.4: It’s hard to know Where to start and where to go I will never say these words again Repeat Chorus:
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