Offspring – Self-esteem tab ver. 4

TAB:Offspring's "Self-Esteem"

Standard tuning (at least for me) and her we go:

La la, la la la, la la, la la la
  RHYTHM FIG. 1                                                       RHYTHM
     |====================================>|     |=======================>|
(Repeat once here)e-----------------------------------------|------------------------B-----------------------------------------|------------------------G----------------10101010-----5-5--------|-------------------------D---7--7------7--10101010----5-5---5555-|--------------55-55--7---A---7--7------7---8-8-8-8----3-3---5555--|-3-----------55-55--7----E---5--5------5---------------------3333--|-1(10X)------33-33--5----
(Bass part until :25 in then)
|RHYTHM FILL 1 |e-----------------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------------------G-----------------------------------------------------------------D---1212--121210-------------------------------------------------A--1212--121210--------------------------------------------------E--1010--1010-8----------------------------------------------------
Bass only: I wrote her off for the 10th time today I practiced hard all the things I wouldsay When she came over, I lost my nerve I took her back and made herdesssert (Rhythm Fig2)|===================================>|e----------------------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------------------------G-----------------------------------------------------------------------D-10101010--1010---77777----55555--1010101010--55555--77777-------A-10101010--1010---77777----55555--1010101010--55555--77777-------E--8-8-8-8----8-8---55555----33333---8-8-8-8-8---33333--55555------- (Heavy palm mute)^ I know I'm being used
CONTINUE SAME PATERN FOR THREE MORE LINES OF PRE-CHORUS: But that's okay because I like the abuse... I know she's playing with me But that's okay 'cause I got no self-esteem........... RHYTHM FIGURE 2 4X Ohyeah........Yeah.........Oh........Yeah.......etc. (Bass only here) We make plans go out at night Wait till 2 then I Turn out the light (START RHYTHm FIG. 1 here, play 2X) This rejection's got me so low.... She keeps it up I just might tell here so...
(START RHTYM FIG. 2 HERE PLAY 4X)Oh...yeah....oh....yeah....yeah... RHYTHM PART 3 |=====================================>|e--------------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------------------G-7-7--------33333-------------55555-------------------------------D-7-7--------33333----33-------55555--------------------------------A-5-5--------11111----33-------33333--------------------------------E----------------------11-------------------------------------------- When she's saying.......ah that she wants only me.
CONTINUE RHYTYM PART 3 6X Well I wonder why she sleeps with my friends When she's saying..ah... that I'm like a diease well I wonder how much more I can stand Well I guess I should stand up for myself But I really think it's better this way The more you suffer...the more it shows you really care... PLAY RHYTHM FIG. 1A one time Right?.....Yeah,yeah... BASS PART AGAIN, FOLLOWED BY RHYTHM FILL 1 THEN I'll relate this little bit It happens more than I'd like to admit Latye at night, she knocks on my door She's drunk again and lookin' to score PLAY RTHYM FILL 1 THEN RHYTHM FIG. 2 4X I know I should say no.. But's it's kinda hard when she's ready to go I may be dumb, but I'm not a dweeb I'm just a sucker with no self-esteem THEN PLAY RTHYM FIG.1 4X yeah...oh,......yeah....oh...yeahyeah Play Rhtym Figure 3 7X When she's saying that she wants only me Well I wonder why she sleeps with my firends When she's saying Ah, that I'm like a diesase Well I wonder how much more I can stand Well I guess I should stick up for myself But I really think It's better this way the more you suffer, the more you really care... PLAY RYHTYM Fig. 1 1X Right? Yeah, yeah OFFSPRING: Ron Welty: Drums Dexter Holland (love that hair and voice!): Vocals, guitar Greg K: Bass Noodles: Guitar Written by OFFSPRING, 1994 epitaph records, the coolest damn label in the U.S. I'm working on a few others to send up, like "Genocide" and "It'll Be a Long Time." When I get 'em seperated (I mean figured out) I'll send 'em up. Any comments about screw-ups, how lame I am with tab, or just general flames about how I wouldn't know the correct chord if it hit me in the head with a 2X4 and buried me in a shallow grave can be directed to Thanks again, and don't get too mad if I screwed up. Remember, it's not like you paid for this or anything! "Drivers are rude Such attitudes But when I show my piece Complaints cease" OFFSPRING
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