Offspring – Dirty Magic Acoustic chords

The Offspring
Dirty Magic

Verse 1:
Am C BmIn my own simple way
EmI think she wants me only
Am C Bm EmShe said "Come over right away."
Am C BmBut she's just not that way
EmHer little soul is stolen
Am C Bm EmSee her put on her brand new face
EmOhh, Pull the shades
GRazor blades
DYou're so tragic
EmOhh, I hate you so
GBut love you more
DI'm so elastic
EmOhh, The things you say
GGames you play
D Am C Bm EmDirty magic, ahh...
Verse 2 (repeat Chords from Verse 1): I should know better than To think I'd reach inside her It's all a cloudy kind of daze She's not so sweet today She mocks me, I'm no fighter It all just seems like such a waste CHORUS
AmIt's oversimplified
C Bm EmIt's oversimplified
Am C Bm EmIt's oversimplified
CHORUS and Fade Out
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