Offspring - Out On Patrol chords

Titel: Out on Patrol
Album: Ignition
Artist: The Offspring

C-Asus4-Em-Em-Em-Em (x3)


E D ALook at you soldier boy now
C/B E D A C/BWith that big gun in your little hand
E D AAs you patrol this foreign land
C/B E D A C/BHear the mine that clicks beneath your feet
E DNow do you see the light
A C/BFading while your world is crumbling
E DOut on patrol
A C BAnd all you can do is sit and stare
E D AWhat revelation have you now
C/B E DWhat culmination to your speck of life
A C/BYour moment in time
C-Asus4-Em (x3) Verse:
E D AAs you sit here all alone
C/B E D A C/BWill your buddies come and save your life
E D ABut as the enemy appears
C/B E D A C/BSee your life flash before your eyes
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