Offspring - Days Go By chords

Intro - D - D, E

Tabs (PART 1)

1|--------------------------------------------------------------------|2|--------------------------------------------------------------------|3|--------------------------------------------------------------------|4|---12-11---11-9---9-7---7-7-9-7-6-----------12-11---11-9---9-14-14--| X25|-7-------7------7-----7-------------------7-------7------7----------|6|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Tab (2)
1|--------------------------------------------------------------------|2|--------------------------------------------------------------------|3|------9---7-----------------9---7---------------9---7---------------|4|--7-9---9---9--7-6------7-9---9---9-7-6-----7-9---9---9-7-9-7-6-----| X25|-------------------7-------------------7----------------------------|6|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
ERun to the light
DIt won't save you tonight
AAll our yesterdays
EAre pictures lost in time
ENever enough
DTowers crumble to dust
ALooking back on
EThe moments of our lives
DAll your anger
AAll your hurt
E BmDoesn't matter in the end
D AThose days go by
EAnd we all start again
DWhat you had
AAnd what you lost
E BmThey're all memories in the wind
D AThose days go by
EAnd we all start again
EStars still burn bright
DSeasons change overnight
AAs we find our way
EThe times they come and go
ELook back in love
DA new day rises above
AWith a wind that comes
ETo carry you back home
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