Offspring - Amazed chords version 1

Album  - Ixnay on the Hombre [1997]
Track  - 13
Length - 4:25

A G D Cx4
A G DSometimes I think I'm gonna drown
C ACause everyone around's so hollow
G D CI'm alone
A G DSometimes I think I'm going down
CBut no one makes a sound
A GThey follow
D CAnd I'm alone
A C E GYeah if I make it I'd be amazed
D CJust to find tomorrow
A C E G(Yeah) One more day and I'd be amazed
D C?Just to see it waiting
A C E GAnd if I make it I'm still alone
D C? A C ENo more hope for better days
GBut if I could change
D C? A Then I'd really be amazed
A G DAnd when you know you can't relate
CTo one more shiny face
A GYour heart breaks
D CNo one cares
A G DAnd when you know you can't go on
CCause everything is wrong
A GYour heart breaks
D CBut no one's there
o-PRE-CHORUS o-CHORUS x2 NOTES: The C? is optional. I think you can keep playing D and it still works. What do you think? For the strumming rhythm, I suggest you listen to the song carefully and try to figure it out. Comments, and corrections are welcomed. Enjoy.
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