Offspring – All I Want Acoustic chords

Converted to fit my tablet ultimate guitar app (tblt)
Capo 2nd fret if you're playing with the recording.

Intro: Em Em C D            
Em Em C G-D Verse:
Em Em C DDay after day your home life's a wreck
Em Em C G DThe powers that be just breathe down your neck
Em Em C DYou get no respect you get no relief
Em Em C G DYou gotta speak up and yell out your piece so
Chorus (Part 1):
Em CBack off your rules Back off your jive
G DCause Im sick of not living To stay alive
Em CLeave me alone Not asking a lot
G DJust dont want to be controlled
(Part 2)
Em C G DThat's all I want That's all I want
Em C G DThat's all I want That's all I want (ya ya ya ya ya)
Repeat Intro Verse (Repeat pattern):
Em Em C DHow many times is it gonna take
Em Em C G DTil someone around you hears what you say
Em Em C DYou've tried being cool
Em Em C G DYou feel like a lie
Em Em C DYou've played by their rules
Em Em C G DNow it's their turn to try so
Repeat Chorus Bridge:
C D Em DI said it before I'll say it again
C D Em DIf you could just listen It might make sense so
Repeat Chorus Part 1
Em C Em CThat's all I want That's all I want
Em C G D EmThat's all I want (ya ya ya ya ya)
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