Offspring – Dont Pick It Up tab

tabbed by muddymascot

this is fucking easy, but also fucking great

chords used:

F#2 F#1 E B A# C#e---- --- --- --- --- ----b---- --- --- --- --- ----g-11- --- -9- --- --- ----d-11- -4- -9- -9- -8- -11-a--9- -4- -7- -9- -8- -11-e---- -2- --- -7- -6- --9-
intro F#1 F#1 F#1 A# C# F#2 (this part is also played later on- you will hear it) main riff (this is the verse and the chorus) F#2 E B B
riff played over main riffe--------------------------|b--------------------------|g--------------------------|d--------------------------|a-9-997-77-6-7-6--|e--------------------------|
end of chorus and song (you're gonna be bummed...) F#2 E BBBB
don't pick it up pick it up pick it updrumse----b----g----d----
that's it. should be perfect, i think maybe a little mistake in the riff, which is played over the main riff
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