Oh Land - Heavy Eyes chords

Fairly simple, just the chords Em, Am, and D.Enjoy.
Capo 7
EmIn this recognizable smell of cigarettes and perfume
AmAnd all those plastic-minded beats
EmAre a madcap explosion and a psychedelic celebration of
Am EmAn animated youth
Em AmIt's the senior age
Em AmDancing on the teen stage
EmIt's the field of dreams
Am Runnin' in the bloodstreams
D EmBut I only dream of you...
Em'Cause I kept it steady
Am DBut you kicked me hard and I had to change my ways;
EmSneaking up on me like a cheetah;
AmDisillusioned girl
D EmKeep your eyes straight through me
A (?) G(?)Heavy eyes
(and repeat for the rest of the song) Mmm... So capturing the essence of a whole lot of fun In a bottle and a beat feeling perfectly wrong Got extensions in the stop Fallin' madly in love with the pop Maybe we got it all right Theres a scent in the air... Got some true romance right here Theres a filthy beam Going from the mainstream And I only dream of you 'Cause I kept it steady But you kicked me hard and i had to change my ways Sneaking up on me like a cheetah; Disillusioned girl Keep your eyes straight through me Heavy eyes Straight through me Heavy eyes
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