Oh Sleeper - Reveries Of Flight chords version 1

This is my first (published) chord chart. Hope it helps!
Standard Tuning.

Intro A C Bm

A                  C       Bm     A                  
C BmA sound ahead from distant peaks, a song that all my brothers sing
F G Em F
G EmItís just out of reach; to join them I need the wings the heavens denied me
BmItís like youíre deaf to my voice, but Iíve been here for every moment, waiting on your
call to move
AIf you could just make a choice,
C BmI know you would find me wanting only to be close to you
(A song I hear from distant peaks, a song that all my brothers sing)
AYou keep denying my lead
C BmBecause Iíve tried, Iíve never pulled back my reach,
A C Bm
FAnd Iíve stayed, and Iíve died, but you keep looking for me where Iím not
G EmI wonít be just where you want me to be
F G EmYouíve got to believe and just trust that I can be everything
AIf you would just try and let free all your grips and worries
I would come alive in your life and let you find the flight youíre longing
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