Oingo Boingo - Clowns Of Death tab


From boingo692x@mail.telis.org Wed Apr 16 10:44:19 1997
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 17:23:06 -0700
From: Oh' C 
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Tab: Clowns of Death by Oingo Boingo (Correction to Chorus  section)

Song: The Clowns of Death
Band: Oingo Boingo
Trans: Boingo692x(boingo692x@mail.telis.org)

This is a correction to the chorus section . 


F# G# C#4|-4--6--4--6--4--6--6-4-/11--|5|-4--6--4--6--4--6--6-4-/11--|6|-2--4--2--4--2--4--4-2-/9---| 2x
F# E B A3|-3-3--1-1--------------|4|-4-4--2-2--9-9-9-7-7-7-|5|-4-4--2-2--9-9-9-7-7-7-|6|-1-1-------7-7-7-5-5-5-|__________________________
Good-luck. Boingo
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