Ok Go - Here Comes The Fire Chicago Fire tab

This song is very hard to find online, but it is very awesome. It turns out that this 
is for the MLS team Chicago Fire. This is my first tab btw...

Main Riff:

Guitar 1:e|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|--9--9/11-14---16--9/11-9---9-9/11-14--9----|A|--9--9/11-14---16--9/11-9---9-9/11-14--9----|E|--7--7/9--12---14--7/9--7---7-7/9--12--7----|
Guitar 2:e|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|--9--9/11-14---16--9/11-9---9-9/11-14--9----|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
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