Ok Go – Shooting The Moon chords

I love this song- it's from the new moon soundtrack.Play the Bb/G like this: e|---3-------------------|B|---3-------------------|G|---3-------------------|D|---3-------------------|A|---1-------------------|E|---1-------------------|
Intro: ~F Bb Bb/G Cm F# F~ Verse:
Bb Bb/GAll of the astronauts
CmChampagne in plastic cups
F# F BbWaiting for the big hero to show.
Bb Bb/GOutside the door he stands
CmHis head in his hands
F# Fand his heart in his throat.
Eb BbWhat can he tell them now?
Eb CSorry I let you down
Eb F BbSorry it wasn't quite true.
Eb BbBut don't get hung up on it
Eb CJust soldier on with it.
Eb F BbAnd good luck with shooting the moon.
Repeat for other verse and chorus. Enjoy!
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