Ok Go – Get Over It chords

Left handed
The chords can either be played as they have been written out, or they can be 
played as 5th chords.

Intro  B    F# F E    A Bb   x2

Verse  (intro chords)
       Lot of knots, lot of snags
       Lot of holes, lot of cracks lot of crags
       Lot of naggin' old hags
       Lot of fools, lot of fool scum bags
       Oh it's such a drag, what a chore
       Oh your wounds are full of salt
       Everything's a stress and what's more
       Well it's all somebody's fault
D F#m G A Hey! Get get get get get over it! x3
G7 F#7 Get over it, get over it
Solo - Intro chords x2 Verse Makes you sick, makes you ill Makes you cheat, slipping change from the till Had it up to the gills, makes you cry While the milk still spills Ain't it just a bitch? What a pain Well it's all a crying shame What left to do but complain? You better find someone to blame Chorus Interludy bit - Intro chords (x2) (interupted by table tennis in the video) Verse Got a job, got a life Got a four-door and a faithless wife Got those nice copper pipes Got an ex, got a room for the night Aren't you such a catch? What a prize Got a body like a battle axe Love that perfect frown, honest eyes We ought to buy you a Cadillac Chorus -->
D F#m G A Hey! Get get get get get over it! x7
G7 F#7 B Get over it, get over it
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