Ok Go – 1000 Miles Per Hour tab

song      : 1000 miles per hour
artist    : ok go
tabbed by : oneshotnothing

standard tuning
listen for timing
put it all together, it should be all right

C riff

C/B Am/G D/F# Abdim7
INTRO - C riff x2 C riff Another long quiet night C riff F G C riff Another long quiet lonely night ohh spent at your side. C riff Not a lot left to say C riff F G C riff There's not a lot that I still could say ohh to change your mind. PRECHORUS F G C C/B Am But with a little bit of money we could buy us a car F Abdim7 Am Am/G D/F# F With a little luck we could get away from where we are Fm Let's get out of here CHORUS C riff F G We'll drive, one thousand miles an hour C riff F G We'll fly by wheat fields and water towers C riff F G We'll go we'll go and we'll go and we'll go Am D/F# F G Let's go let's go let's go let's go BRIDGE/GUITAR SOLO-ISH THING C F G C F G C C/B Am F Abdim7 Am Am/G D/F# F Fm
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