Ok Go - Its Tough To Have A Crush tab

This song is basically. D-A-G-A repeated

Rhythm: D A Gm AE||----5---5-5---5-5---5-5---5-3---3-3---3-5---5-5---5----||B||----7---7-7---7-5---5-5---5-3---3-3---3-5---5-5---5----||G||*---7---7-7---7-6---6-6---6-3---3-3---4-6---6-6---6---*||D||*---7---7-7---7-7---7-7---7-5---5-5---5-7---7-7---7---*||A||----5---5-5---5-7---7-7---7-5---5-5---5-7---7-7---7----||E||----X---X-X---X-5---5-5---5-3---3-3---3-5---5-5---5----||
You can play them barre.. Or open chords. whatever fits your style best i guess.... Verse 1: D A Gm A D A Gm A D A Well it's tough to have a crush Gm A When the boy doesn't feel the same way you do D A Well it's tough to have a crush Gm A WHen your best friend breaks the news D D/Eb Perhaps you'll find me feeling better Em A In a day or two D Gm A D But it's tough to have a crush On you Assuming that for the D, you're barring, for the D/Eb, I just slide the index finger up a fret (x67776), and then slide up again higher to the Em (779987). thanks
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