Okkervil River - The Next Four Months tab

G              D                 Em             C
Maybe we could break your ankle, clean and unsuspiciously.
G             D
An ER trip, a doctors slip,
    Em                   C     G    Am
and you could share your pills with me.
C                G                        D      G
Wont it feel so good, though, when were lying,
C             G                        D
side by side, cant move, and Im not trying?

Em   G          C
2000 milligrams each.

G              D             Em                 C
A hotel by the pharmacy with drinking straws in toothpaste tubes.
G                    D              Em              C     G    Am
Stash them with your toiletries and I will share my pills with you.
C              G               D            G
Little Michael sleeping in the child safety seat,
C              G                  D
lying with the windows rolled up, in the August heat.

Em   G          C
3000 milligrams each,
Em   G          C
4000 milligrams.

G                      D
Were driving down the interstate,
       Em                 C
youre feeling great, you scratch your wrist,
    G               D                   Em                C   G Am
and we pretend your kids, your husband, all you left does not exist.
C           G                      D G 
And in some motel that night were lying,
C            G                  D
I can barely whisper its like dying.

Em           G           C
Baby, do you know what I mean?
Em             G        C
Well baby, did you hear me?
Em         G         C
Well baby, you fell asleep.

G                  D		    Em            C
I know Im weak, I won't deny well see our trial sometime soon.
    G                  D
But when i know were fucked,
               Em                C     G    Am
Ill halve the pile and share my pills with you.
C                G
Cause weve felt fully in our bodies,
Am                  F
and weve felt totally alive,
C                    G
so were prepared to float above this
Am              F  C    Dm
dirty bed where we both lie.
         F    C    Dm           F  C
Where we lie, lie, lie. Will we be fine?
F   Em   C
Not this time.
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