Okkervil River - On Tour With Zykos chords

Verses are like the first unless noted otherwise.

After a lot of the A chords you can do the little hook by dropping your finger 
onto the third fret (relative to capo) of the second string while in the A 
position, then sliding that finger to the fifth fret and then going back to the A 
chord. Listen to the song to get it. 

Capo 1st Fret

D AHe gets close, but I choke
F#m BmTake your shit, take your clothes
A GAnd get out of my home
AI want you to love me
GOr I want you long gone
AYou say your real name is John
Hey, thanks John Go sings songs, go rock on Roll your crew on down the road To the next sold out show Think you can get up above me? Well, I want you to know
G AYou're a figure of fun to everyone
F#m Bm A GBeneath the lone star, neon blue broken sign
AThey wish they were you
GLike I wish you were mine
AWhat a dumb thing to do
G A F#m Bm AHow can I shout goodbye when god knows I just want to
G D AMake this white lie big enough to climb inside
GWith you
Another day, lost and gone Clipping pages from the news for the senator's son Well, he just strolls through the lobby And glad hands everyone Another day, tossed and done I go home Take off clothes Smoke a bowl Watched a whole TV movie I was supposed to be writing The most beautiful poems And completely revealing Divine mysteries up close I can't say that I'm feeling all that much at all At 27 years old
G A F#m Bm AI'm discussed with desire by the guys who conspire at the only decent bar in
AAnd they drink MGD's
GAnd they wish they had me
ALike I wish I had fire
GWhat a sad way to be
A What a girl who got tired
G A F#m Bm ASo, I wonder who you got your hooks in tonight
G D AWas she happy to be hooked and on your arm?
GDid she feel alive? Her head all light
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