Okkervil River - Get Big chords

Okkervil River - " Get Big"
From "Black Sheep Boy"
chords by Shimon (simonhochbergmusic@gmail.com)

G Once we get to the end
Cof this song,
Em Dthen it will begin again.
G So you said, in our bed
C I was watching light slip
Em Dthrough the blinds to find your skin.
G FSo take your medicine,
Cand I won't ask where you've been.
G FLive your lost weekend.
CI know you've wanted it.
Am DGet big, little kid.
GAnd I can't say why each day
C Emdoesn't quite fit the space
Dwe saved for it.
GBut if that space now demands
C Emthat you throw up both your hands,
Dthat you call it quits...
G FTake your midnight trip
CI know you've dreamed of it.
G FWalk your sunset strip,
Cbecause I think you've needed it
Am Dto get big, little kid.
C GBut just remember that our love
Amonly got this good
Em Ambecause of some younger days
C Dthat you like to outstrip.
CSo drink your cup down
Gto the dregs and leave
Emthat club on shaking legs
Amwith another guy,
C Dbut just remember: I'm not him.
Slide Guitar Solo. Rhythm Guitar plays: G F C G F C Am D
G F CTake your medicine and I won't ask
where you've been.
G FLive your lost weekend,
Cbecause I know you've wanted it
Am Dto get big, little kid.
G CAnd once we get to the end of this song,
Em Dthen another will begin.
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