Okkervil River – In A Radio Song tab ver. 2

I just use the first verse's words as an example but the whole song follows this structure.

The whole song is finger picked, even when the chords come in the chorus, so you 
can set the pick down for this one.

Also, there is no space between the verse and chorus. They go right into each other.

Verse:E---------------------|B-1--010---1--3--5----|G-------2-----------2-|D---------------------|A-3--------3--3--3--3-|E---------------------|Black, black sheep boy, blue-eyed charmerHead hanging with horns, from your father
Chorus: F G oh, F G in a cold little mirror you were grown, F by a black little wind you were blown, alone, alone, alone. [go right back into the verse riff for just 1 measure, then you start verse 2] so that's it! if you have any questions or comments you can email me at georgefestoon@gmail.com
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