Okkervil River – Unless Its Kicks chords

They use bar chords in the recording but feel free to strum away at the nut chords to 
give a more "acousticky" feel

E  B x 2

EWhat gives this mess some grace unless it's
Bkicks, man - unless it's
C#fiction, unless it's
Bsweat or it's songs? What
Ehits against this chest unless it's a
Bsick man's hand, from some
C#mid-level band? He's been
Bdriving too long on a
Edark windless night, with the
Bstereo on, with the
C#towns flying by and the
Am Bground getting soft. And a
Esound in the sky, coming
Bdown from above, it sur-
C#rounds you and sighs and is
Am Bwhispering of what
Epulls your body down, and that is
Bquicksand. So climb out
C#quick, hand over hand, before your
Bmouth's all filled up. What
Epicks you up from down unless it's
Btricks, man? When I've been
C#fixed I am convinced that I will
Bnot get so broke up again. And on a
Eseven day high, that
Bheavenly song punches
C#right through my mind and just
Am Bhums through my blood. And I
Eknow it's a lie, but I'll
Bstill give my love. Hey, my
C#heart's on the line for your
Am Bhands to pluck off. Oh...
E B C# E
EWhat gives this mess some grace unless it's
Bfictions - unless it's
C#licks, man, unless it's
Blies or it's love? What
Ebreaks this heart the most is the ghost of some
Brock and roll fan, just floating
C#up from the stands with her
Am Bheart opened up. And I want to tell her, "Your
Elove isn't lost," say "my
Bheart is still crossed!" Scream, "you're
C#so wonderful! What a
Am Bdream in the dark - about
Eworking so hard, about
Bgrowing so stoned, trying
C#not to turn off, trying
Am Bnot to believe in that lie all on your
B La la la
C#la Oh oh oh
B E B C# Am B x2 End on E
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