Okkervil River - In A Radio Song tab

In A Radio Song - Okkervil River

Amazing song from an amazing album. One of my first tabs, but somebodys gotta start 
for this song.
kind of a finger picking style

Sing verse over this part.E-------------------------------0--------------|B-1-----0h1-0-----------1----3-----------------|G---0---------2----2--------------0------------|D-----2---------2----2----22---2--2------------|A-3--------------3----3-3----3------33---------|E----------------------------------------------|
Chorus: F GE-0-1-0--3----------------------------------|B-1------3----------------------------------|G-2------0----------------------------------|D-3------0----------------------------------|A--------2----------------------------------|E--------3----------------------------------|
Switch between F and G and add your own finger picking of the chords. Then at the end of stay on F for an extra measure before going back to verse. Thats pretty much it if anyone wants to contact me for added details or questions my is bank2657@unco.edu/
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