Okkervil River - So Come Back I Am Waiting tab

Okkervil River - "Some Come Back, I Am waiting"
From: Black Sheep Boy
Tabbed by: Dave
E-mail: ironic_clown@hotmail.com

Should all be good. Feel free to e-mail with questions or comments.


Am: x02210
C: x32010
F: x03211 (See note)
G: 320003
Dm: xx0231
Dsus: xx0233
A: x02220
D: xx0232

NOTE: For all of the F chords, he only plays the full chord (133211) when he says "In 
eyes" for the second time. I've
marked it with a *. All the other F chords are played like this: x03211.

*It's basically just chords, but I included all the picked notes too*

Am C Fe|------0---------------1-----0-------0----|B|-----1---------1------1---------1--------|G|----2----------0---0--2-------2----------|D|---2------2-0--2---0--3---3-------3------|A|--0-------0----3---3---------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
C G Dm Dsuse|--------0--------------1-----3-----3---3-------|B|--------1-----0---0-0--3-----3-----3---3-------|G|-----0----0---0---0-0--2---2-2-------2---2-----|D|--0--2----2-0-0---0-0--0---0-0-------0---0-----|A|--3--3----3-2-2--------------------------------|E|--------------3--------------------------------|
FIRST VERSE: Am C F C G Dm Dsus Dm A black sheep boy revolves over canyons and waterfalls. Am C F C G Dm Dsus A black sheep boy dissolves in syringe or in shower stall. FIRST CHORUS: Dm He says C G Dm F “there’s plenty of time to make you mine tonight, C G Dm there’s plenty of time to make you mine.” He says C G Dm “there’s plenty of ways to know you’re not dying, F all right. C G Dm Hell, there’s plenty of light still left in your eyes.” F* In your eyes. FIRST PRE-VERSE: Am C F C G Dm SECOND VERSE: Am C F C A black sheep boy grows horns, G Dm breathing smoke through his microphone. Am C F C Dm The airwaves stretch and they groan, bleeding, birthing his black diapason. SECOND CHORUS: He says C G Dm F “there’s plenty of things to wear when you come to me, C G Dm every color of sleeve to be rolled. C G Dm F There are millions of rolling eyes that still cling to me. C G Dm Every language of king is concerned. BRIDGE: Am So why Dm did you bawl G D A from the spell of some old holy song G D A that some liar laughed as he composed, G D A some liar I loved to control?” SECOND PRE-VERSE: *I included both the chords and the faint guitar in the background*
Am C F C G Dsuse|-------------1--1---1----|--0-----------1---1---1-3----3-3--|B|-------------1--1---1----|----3-1-0-----3---3---3-3----3-3--|G|-------------2----2---2--|----------2-0-2-----2---2----2-2--|D|---------0-2-3----3---3--|--------------0-----0--------0-0--|A|--0--2-3-----------------|----------------------------------|E|-------------------------|----------------------------------|
Am C F C G Dsuse|-------------1--1---1----|--0---------------1---1-3--|B|-------------1--1---1----|----3-1-0---------3---3-3--|G|-------------2----2---2--|----------2-0-2-----2---2--|D|---------0-2-3----3---3--|--------------------0---0--|A|--0--2-3-----------------|---------------------------|E|-------------------------|---------------------------|
THIRD VERSE: *For the first 4 lines there's no guitar, but the bass copies the notes the guitar would playing* Am C F Am A black sheep boy dissolves C F Am in hot cream, in sweet moans, C F Am in each dead bed and empty home, C F Am in each seething bacterium. C F Killing softly and serial, C G Dm he lifts his head, handsome, horned, magisterial. C G Dm He's the smell of the moonlight wisteria. C G Dm He’s the thrill of the abecedarian. C G Dm (See the muddy hoofprints where he carried yo THIRD CHORUS: C G Dm F And there’s plenty of ways to claim his crimes tonight, C G Dm and there’s plenty of things to do on his dime. C G Dm F And there’s plenty of ways to wear his hide tonight. C G Dm You’ve got yours and I’ve got mine. C G Dm You’ve got yours and I’ve got mine. OUTRO: Dm So why Am did you flee? G D A Don’t you know you can’t leave his control G D A only call all his wild works your own? G D A So come back and we’ll take them all on. G D A So come back to your life on the lam. G D A So come back to your old black sheep man. He says G D A “I am waiting on hoof and on hand. G D A I am waiting, all hated and damned. G D A I am waiting, I snort and I stamp. G D A D I am waiting, you know that I am, G D A calmly waiting to make you my lamb”
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