Ola Podrida – Run Off The Road chords


C F C GWhen you finally scaled the wall
C F Am GThinking you had heard the siren singing
C F C AmWhat you really heard was a broken bird
C G AmMaking out like it's a dove
C F C GWhen you stole the soldier's car
C F Am GEverybody knew what you were thinking
C F C AmIvory towers and lover's flowers
C G AmBut no one thought you were a fool
Em Am FYou never stopped to notice all
Em Am FThe stolen clothes stacked in the hall
Em Am G CFrom the others who scaled the wall just to
G Am CFind themselves fun off the road
C F C Am C Em Am F And again:
C F C G ...When you showed up at the farm
Visions of the summer flying past you The foxes had torn up The mother and her pups And the well was full of flies When you walked down to the pond Searching for the lover guiding you It had been filled in with rusty nails and then You finally knew that you were lost No one thought you were a fool Even though everyone knew What you wrote was the same Just a different name Of those who escaped before you.
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