Old 97s – Perfume chords

Old 97s
The Grand Theatre Vol. 2

C    G      Am       E7        F       C       G

C G AmWhen you explode into the room,
E7 Fall I can smell is your perfume;
C Gand the cigarette jazzing up the atmosphere.
C G AmYou think it's fine, I know it's broke.
E7 FYou think it's all some kind of joke,
C Gbut how can I laugh when I'm locked up in here?
F G C Bb5And it's a beautiful day outside.
F G C And it's a beautiful day outside.
(Verse) I press my nose against the glass, I steam it up, but it don't last. I am a man afterall and I'm dying here. I had it good, now I get none. I had all but those days are done. Now I get to watch you run around down there. (Chorus) And it's a beautiful day outside. And it's a beautiful day outside. (Solo) Bridge:
Am E7 F CThere's all these girls outside wrapped up in winter clothes,
F C F Cmy imagination grows, I can't convince my eye to close.
Am E7 F CYou're on the town again and I'm downing in your bed,
F C Gyou're perfume it's in my head, and it's driving me,
driving me, driving me, driv-ing me.
F G C Bb5And it's a beautiful day outside.
F G C Bb5And it's a beautiful day outside.
F G C Bb5And it's a beautiful day outside.
F G C And it's a beautiful day outside.
(Repeat intro)
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