Old 97s – In A Satellite Rides A Star tab

My Bro is actually the 
one who tabbed this, 
so I give credit where credit is due.

Here is the finished product:
This song is really easy in terms of chords. 
The only "hard" part is the rythmn.
It's played in D tuning, like most if not all Old 97's songs. 

The tab here is for the  
"doodaley doodaley do" part.                
(this is not the musical way to say it)
You'll know what I'm talking 
about when you hear the song. 

The Chord patterns are the same they are as follows ... C and F Intro C F C F Time knows you're done,time has your file F I'm in the middle of letters you signed C In your cursive, cusive style C F Goin' down to none is different for boys and girls F I got your number, I know who you are C You're a satellite on the world Chorus C F And I feel is slowin', and I feel it slowin' down x2 C F You didn't have the right to go so many a mile F Ain't a good woman who rolls out of sight C When she could honestly stay awhile C But roll on as you like F Yeah roll in the sand like a stone F I got your number I know who you were C You were a satellite all along Chorus C F And I feel it slowin', and I feel is slowin down x4 F C And in a satellite rides a star F C And in a satellite rides a star F C And in a satellite rides a star
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