Old 97s - Jagged tab

Tune down one whole step

INTRO x4 (Em G D Am)

The intro is played the entire way through the song but you can substitue these chords: Em G D What remains of the day remains to be seen Am Em By the TV that we never turn on G D Each other's enough I never had it so rough Am Em Ever since I been gone G D White noise swells in my head Am Em Making me worry it's the summer time G D But it's the dead of the fall it's the dead of the night Am Hell yes I mind CHORUS C G D C I would give anything not to feel so jagged G D C I'd give anything not to feel so jaggged G D Am I'd give anything not to feel so jagged 1st SOLO (Play INTRO: Em G D Am) Em G D I couldn't drink enough to make this make sense Am Em But I think I'm gonna give it a try G D There's no settling down there's only driving down-state Am So I drive (REPEAT CHORUS) 2nd SOLO (Play INTRO: Em G D Am) (REPEAT CHORUS) OUTRO (Em D Em)
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