Old 97s - Salome tab

Tune down one whole step


G D Salome, uncross your heart. Am C D I know what goes on inside, it's over before it starts. G D Well I'll stay all night, I'll wait right here. Am C D The full moon might work magic girl, but I won't disappear. CHORUS C G C And I'm tired of making friends, and I'm tired of making time, G Am And I'm sick to death of love, and I'm sick to death of trying. C G Am And it's easier for you, yeah it's easier for you. C G And it's easier for you, yeah it's easier for you. Am C G D Salome, untie my hands. Am C D Well I'll find another lady, and you'll wreck another man. G D It's over now, yeah and so are we. Am C D My blood's turned to dirt girl, you broke every part of me. REPEAT CHORUS (final "G" transfers into SOLO) SOLO (G D Am C D) x2 REPEAT CHORUS C G And it's easier for you, yeah it's easier for you. Am C G
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