Old Canes - Both Falling Bright tab

Tabbed by Warrick Holfeld 

Capo II

Chords G[320033] A7sus4[x02033] D/F#[30032x] Em[022000] G A7sus4 So now im calling your name D/F# you should not write G there just the same Em Both falling bright D/F# you know its a snow G im not feeling cold D im not feeling cold [G G D D] G A7sus4 Now as you walk down the street D/F# with fire in heart G fighting at the dark Em the darkness is spread D/F# and i see its dead G but somehow its gone D somehow its gone [G G D D] G A7sus4 Faces in cold winter rain D/F# dieing ashamed G you know its not right Em its all air tight D/F# and now that its gone G its coming undone D its coming undone [G G D D] G A7sus4 now with this contest you planned D/F# me in the sand G and you with that man Em taking your hand D/F# i saw her tonight G shes sleeping alright D/F# shes sleeping alright Em and fading away D/F# end of her days G her head filled with pain D/F# and thoughts of her land Em and arms of her man D/F# Twis moving hands G weighing her down D/F# trying not to drown Em trying to stay D/F# reaching for land G burning this bliss D/F# her herd in my hands Em and losing my mind D/F# while im kissing my wife G its all just the same D i call out your name [G G D D] End on [000230]
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