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Old Crow Medicine Show – Down Home Girl chords

Tabbed by: bazacko
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Intro/Main lick:

Gtr 1 (x = muted strum) A x G x A x G x A xe|----5---------------5---------------5|B|----5---------------5---------------5|G|----6-----4-4-------6-----4-4-------6|D|----7-----5-5-------7-----5-5-------7|A|----7-----5-5-------7-----5-5-------7|E|5---5---3-------5---5---5-------5---5|...
Gtr 2e|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------|G|------------2-5-2-----------2-0-2----|D|--------2/5-------------2/5----------|A|-------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
You can play both parts at once by moving the Gtr 2 part down to the bottom strings. Chorus: A (main lick repeats) Well I swear your perfume baby
A Is made out of turnip greens
A Every time I kiss you girl
A It tastes like pork and beans
DEven though you're wearin' those
D GUp-town high heels
AI can tell from your giant step
A You been walkin' through the cotton fields
E D A G AOh! You're sooooo down home girl.
Every time you monkey child Takes my breath away Well every time you move like that, girl I got to get down and pray Girl you know that dress you're wearin' Is made out of fiberglass Every time you move like that, girl I got to go to Sunday Mass Oh! You're so down home girl I'm gonna take you to the muddy river And push you in So I can watch the water roll on Down your velvet skin I'm gonna take you down to New Orleans Down in Dixie land So I can watch you do the second line With an umbrella in your hand Oh! You're so down home girl
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