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Old Crow Medicine Show – Genevieve chords

E A Genevieve,
E A E Creole queen, with your love like fire and your heart like a guillotine.
C#m A You cant sell
E A EThe heart you stole you left me standing by the side of the road
C#m AFeeling down
E AGenevieve
E A EYour so bad worst person I know and the greatest lover I ever had
C#m AAll my aces
E A E Are on your floor Im kneeling outside your door
C#m A BFeeling down
A E Well you took all I had Genevieve and you left me a mess
A B But if you try to steal my heart again youll have to cut it out of my chest
C#m E A E x2
E A Genevieve
E A EIv got no regrets except maybe for everything I had to do to forget
C#m AYour the reason
E A EIm in pain but my hearts still calling your name
C#m A Genevieve
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