Old Grandad – 6th Street Paradise tab

Old Grandad
6th Street Paradise
The Last Upper
Tabbed by Kevin Cruz

This song is very very simple.
Trust me ;)

i don't know if this CD is hard to find.
The only play i know that sell it is in New York, Manhattan at West 4th,
a store Called Generation. The sell a whole lotta underground stuff
it's a great place. i saw this CD downstair for like $3.

Tune all strings down one-whole step.
I've figured out this song in drop D.

play this part in a slow way.D:-------------------------|------------------------|A:-------------------------|------------------------|Just do this part F:-------------------------|------------------------|couple of hundred timesG:-------------------------|------------------------|C:-------------------------|------------------------|D:--7\9-9-9-9-9\12/9-9-9-9-|--7\9-9-9-9--7\9-9-9-9--|
Then it goes like this:D:------------------------------------|A:------------------------------------|F:------------------------------------|G:------------------------------------|C:--9\11-11-11-11-11-\14/-11-11-11-11-|D:--7\9--9--9--9--9--\12/-9--9--9--9--|
This all you have to do it's very simple
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