Old Man Luedecke - Big Group Breakfast chords

Eb G#It was a big group breakfast like so many others
Eb BbWe had our eggs and we got each other
Eb G#Merits a' towns and good hash browns
Eb Bb Eb G# BbThe mornin' winds up while the evening winds down
Eb G#There's sun in the steam of our coffee cups
Eb BbLingers 'round the table and warms us up
Eb G#Where will you go next, what'll you do
Eb Bb Eb G# BbReally nice laughs down having drinks with you
Cm G# BbYou might be nostalgic 'bout this
Cm G# BbBut that's just one small part of bliss
Cm G# BbAs you go around life's bends
Cm G# Eb Bb EbI hope there's always a breakfast at the end
G# Bb EbI get through with this
G# Bb EbI get through with this
G# Bb EbI get through with this
G# BbNa-na na-na na-na naaaa
Eb G#Now we're crackin' up jokes, moppin' up yolks
Eb BbStartin' to feel like pretty fine folks
Eb G#There's no need to talk much in the woozy spaces
Eb Bb Eb G# BbCause there's understanding on our boozy faces
Eb G#Well the table is littered with jams and creamers
Eb BbThe booth is tight packed with tight-faced beamers
Eb G#For all of the paths that we will take
Eb Bb Eb G# BbWe leave the café and our breakfast break
Chorus (end on Bb)
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