Old Man Markley – Running Weight chords

Old Man Markley - Running Weight

Intro - Dm (bass, harmonica, mandolin)

DmDriving 15 hours, push my body to the brink
GThe only friend come with me is the coffee that I drink
Hope I don't find trouble, hope it goes real easy Cause I ain't the kind for fighting, blood and guts, they make me queasy
Dm Dm(stop)I'm paranoid
BbI'm paranoid
When you're running this much weight
Dmyou can't avoid (getting paranoid)<- 2nd and 3rd time only
BbGetting paranoid
G DmWorries crash into me like an asteroid
DmDriving deep into the woods, trees taller than the hills
GAin't no turning back now, on my mind are all those bills
I'm just the same as anyone, underneath that mighty sun I've never been one for working, rather make another run…
Dm Dm(stop)I'm paranoid
Chorus then Solo (verse chords)
DmAnd now I'm filled up to the brim with that finest Northern green
Dm(stop) GAnd I'm starting down the road, heading back where I have been
One eye watching my top speed The other looking round Cause one flicker from the sirens And I'm surely prison bound
Dm Dm(stop)I'm paranoid
Bb GI'm getting paranoid (I'm getting paranoid)
Dm BbA little bit paranoid (I'm getting paranoid)
G DmParanoid (I'm getting paranoid)
Bb GGetting paranoid (no you just can't avoid)
Dm Dm DmGetting pa-ra-noid
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