Oleander – Champion tab

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Song: Champion
Artist: Oleander
Album: Unwind
Transcribed by: Brandon Batt (iwalkalone21@hotmail.com)

Another great song by a great band! Oleander Rules!
This song is pretty straight forward! Just have fun with it!

Tuning: All Guitars Down One-Half Step

Chords used:

Dsus2 A(11)/C# Bm11 Asus2E---0----------0---------0--------0-----|B---3----------2---------0--------0-----|G---2----------2---------2--------2-----|D---0----------0---------0--------2-----|A---X----------4---------2--------0-----|E---X----------X---------X--------X-----|
A G Bm EE---0-----3-----2-----0-----|B---2-----3-----3-----0-----|G---2-----0-----4-----1-----|D---2-----0-----4-----2-----|A---0-----2-----2-----2-----|E---0-----3-----X-----0-----|
Verse: Dsus2 A(11)/C# Thanks for everything you are Bm11 For everything you were Asus2 For always taking______ care Dsus2 For always making sure A(11)/C# For never giving up Bm11 For never giving in A You are the cham - pion (when switching from Verse to Chorus use Asus2 instead of A) Chorus: Dsus2 While your baby's laugh - in' A(11)/C# While your baby's cry - in' Bm11 While your baby's losin' Asus2 Recklessly abus - in' G You never turned your back___ A You never walked away._____ Bm You would only smile E With a word you'd - say G Everything is fine A It'll all work - out Bm And everything is o - kay A G As long as I'm around A I will be your thread Bridge: The backfround guitar is just playing this over and over
E---------|B--10-----|G--x------| Yes, that's a ten.D--7------|A---------|E---------|
Outro: Dsus2 A(11)/C# Thanks for never giving up Bm11 For never giving in.______________ A You are the cham - pion Song Structure: Verse x3 Chorus x1 Bridge(the same as verse) x1 Chorus x1 Outro x1 Hopefully this isn't to difficult to figure out, just listen to the CD and you should be able to get the timing! I didn't tab out the background guitar but if you need them I will tab it out for you. If you have questions, comments, or just feel like BS'ing, My email is at the top and My AOL username is iwalkalone21. Enjoy! Oleander kicks ass!
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