Oleander - Bruise tab

Oleander - BruiseTabbed by Henson_09@hotmail.comSend any corrections or improvements to me. CheersApologies for any mistakes, I had to tab it out on my acoustic.Intro riffe|----|-------------------------------------------------------------B|----|-------------------------------------------------------------G|----|7-8-10-8s7-7-8-10-8s7-7-8-10-8s7-10-8-10-8-7b1/2-------------D|----|-------------------------------------------------------------A|----|-------------------------------------------------------------E|----|-------------------------------------------------------------
Verse (actually a bass first but can be done on guitar)e|-------------------------------------------------------B|-------------------------------------------------------G|-------------------------------------------------------Bass RiffD|-------------------------------------------------------during verseA|-1--1----3--3----5--5----6--6--------------------------E|-------------------------------------------------------
e|----------------------------------------------B|---------------------------------------------- Guitar riff comes inG|-s3----s5-----s7----s8------------------------ 2nd time around.D|---------------------------------------------- not sure about theA|---------------------------------------------- effects being used.E|---------------------------------------------- Let notes ring.She holds her head within her handsquietly reelingIf only he could understandWhat she's feeling
She moves into me To kiss my shoulder with emergency for me to hold her (me to hold her)
Chorus (I'll leave you to figure out the strumming pattern, very simple though) Bb Dsus2 E F#me|-----------------------------------------------------------------B|---------3------4------------------------------------------------ G|--3------2------3-------2----------------------------------------D|--3------0------1-------4----------------------------------------A|--1------0------1-------4----------------------------------------E|------------------------2----------------------------------------It's all I want when I'm lostIt's all I need when I'm downIt's all I have when I loseIt's just a bruise
Intro Riff Verse (bass riff, then similar guitar riff again I think but not 100% sure) He holds his head within his hands contemplating If only she could understand Without waiting She moves into me To kiss my shoulder With emergency for me to hold her (me to hold her) Chorus (same as before) It's all I want when I'm lost She's all I need when it's old She's all I have when I lose It's just a bruise Bridge (all barre/power chords) F G D# C And its all we ever know (every moment) F G D# And is................I will go
SoloSome weird stuff first then verse guitar riff plays twicee|----------------------------------------------B|---------------------------------------------- G|-s3----s5-----s7----s8------------------------ D|---------------------------------------------- A|---------------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------------
e|-13-------13--------15--13--11--15--13--11----B|----15-11----15--11--------------------------- 2nd time aroundG|---------------------------------------------- play this. Let D|---------------------------------------------- notes ringA|---------------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------------
Chorus (same chords) It's all I want when I'm down She's all I need when it's old It's all I have when I lost It's just a bruise She's everything When I lose, its just a bruise. That's it guys, I've left out the strumming patterns as I couldn't be bothered to tab them out in all honesty. Send me any corrections or improvements that you may find as I'm sure there are many. Cheers Alex h.
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