Oliver Boyd - Open At The Close chords version 1

Hello! This is my first tab.

I've used the version that's someone already has poster on this site, and added my 
personal touch to get it a bit more like the original from Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls.
Listen to the song for the strumming pattern.
I play without capo, but you can use capo on 1st fret or basically wherever fits your 
voice if you like. Enjoy!

Chords you will need:

C - 032010
Em - 022000
G - 320033
D - 000232
Dsus4 - 000233 or just add your pinkie on the high e-string at the third fret while 
holding D.
* D/Dsus4: You play the D-chord, but half way you can add your pinkie on the high 
e-string at the third fret if you sant to, for "the little extra".
** you play a fast G-chord before shifting to the C, to get some more melody, like in the original. *** In the original song the bridge consists of both fingerpicking and strumming, but this is an alternative (and easier) bridge for the song. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro: C Em D/Dsus4* Em G** C Em D/Dsus4* Em G**
C EmI've figured out all the pieces and
D/Dsus4* Em G**It now makes sense to me.
C EmMy future has been set in stone,
D/Dsus4*And this end must come.
Em G**For this must be done.
C EmI cannot let them die in vain.
D/Dsus4*They fought by my side
Em G**And fell with their pride.
C EmOne a brother, lived with all his wit.
D Dsus4Another taught me life, and how to deal with it.
C G D EmSo I'll walk it alone and face this truth.
C G D EmMum, I'm coming home, home to you.
C G D EmNo goodbyes this time, and no kisses too.
C G DGinny, please don't you cry.
D EmKnow I'll always love you.
C Em D/Dsus4* Em (Repeat the first verse chords for the second verse) (Repeat the chorus) Bridge***: C Em D/Dsus4* Em G** (x4) (Repeat the chorus) C Em D/Dsus4* Em
C EmI've figured out all the pieces and
DIt now makes sense to me...
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