Olivia Newton-john – If You Love Me Let Me Know tab

If You Love Me (Let Me Know)  -  Olivia Newton-John

>>> Taken from "The New Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits Songbook" <<<

Chords used:

F Bb Gm F7 C7 or C7 (use this one, and you can use capo on 1st fret) e-1-1--3--1--0-----3--| B-1-3--3--1--1-----5--| G-2-3--3--2--3-----3--| D-3-3--5--1--2-----5--| A-3-1--5--3--3-----3--| E-1----3--1-----------|
Verse1: F You came when I was happy; in your sunshine. Bb I grew to love you more each passing day F Before too long I built my world around you Gm C7 F And I prayed you'd loved enough of me to stay Chorus: F7 Bb If you love me let me know. F If you don't then let me go. C7 F F7 I can't take another minute of a day without you in it Bb If you love me let it be, F If you don't then set me free. C7 Bb Take the chains away that keep me lovin' you. Verse2: F The arms that open wide to hold me closer; F C7 The hands that run their fingers through my hair; C7 Bb F The smile that says "Hello, it's good to see you". Gm C7 Anytime I turn around to find you there Verse3: F It's this and so much more that makes me love you. F7 Bb What else can I do to make you see ? F You know you have whatever's mine to give you, Gm C7 F But a love affair for one can never be. Chorus Bb F C7 Bb F Ah ! Take the chains away that keep me lovin' you.
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