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Olivia Newton-john – Physical tab

Physical  -  Olivia Newton-John

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Chords used:

A D A7 E E7 B e-0-2-0--0-0--2- B-2-3-2--0-3--4- G-2-2-0--1-1--4- D-2-0-2--2-2--4- A-0---0--2-2--2- E--------0-0----
Verse1: Em D I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like Em D Makin' good conversation Em B7 B7sus4 B7 I gotta handle you just right, Em E You know what I mean Verse2: I took you to an intimate restaurant Then to a suggestive movie There's nothin' left to talk about Unless it's horizontally Chorus: Em D Em D Let's get physical, physical, C D Em D I wanna get physical, let's get into physical Em D C D Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, Em D C Let me hear your body talk Verse3: I've been patient, I've been good Tried to keep my hands on the table It's gettin' hard this holdin' back If you know what I mean Verse4: I'm sure you'll understand my point of view We know each other mentally You gotta know that you're bringin' out The animal in me Chorus Chorus Chorus Chorus: Let's get animal, animal, I wanna get animal, let's get into animal Let me hear your body talk, let me hear your body talk...
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