Olivia Tremor Control - Love Athena chords version 2

The recording is slightly sharp due to the tape being slightly sped up. But these 
are the actual chords. 


E  B  A  A 

E  B  A  A

Intro riff

E B Look down deep inside the crystal clear
Awater flowing 'round from your head
E B Looks like again this time I'll have to back track
A on what it was that I said
E BI would never ever compromise, kiss the clouds of love,
Aor fall for someone like you
E Now I find my eyes are open
Band my ship is coming in
Awith my beautiful love aboard
BShining like Athena
A in a silver suit of armor
BHer love is like a nail
Aand now I'll bring down the hammer
B A Sprouting like a flower on a hill top is where I'll find her
BWhere I'll plant a seed and watch it grow
A E B Ainto the streaming light of love.
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