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On The Might Of Princes – An Allusion To Italy tab

This is one of my favorite songs ever, so I figured it out.

The first “mess up” intro you can figure out on your own.
It’s the same as the first part of the intro only it cuts off on the
second D on the b string (third fret before the second half of Part 1 riff)


Repeat as needed. For the part when the instruments drop out and vocals come in solo, only play Part 1 of the intro but leave off on the open A (~ means let ring)
(music stops) “Is it in his kiss?”
(music stops) "No, that’s not the way..." Repeat as needed Verses: Same as intro melody until chords come in. Chords Part 1:
Em7 E7#9sus4 Dsus2 Em11(5) F#m#5addD Gsus2addDe----------3-----------0-----------0---------0----------0----|B--3-------3-----------3-----------3---------3----------3----|G--0-------0-----------2-----------0---------0----------0----|D--0-------2-----------0-----------0---------0----------0----|A--2-------0-----------0-----------0---------0----------0----|E--0-------0-----------0-----------0---------2----------3—---|
"addD" just means to hold down the third fret on the B string. You don't have to, but it keeps the song in the right key and makes it sound better. You can strum the whole guitar if you want. "I haven’t seen...anyone..." (music comes back in) Em7 E7#9sus4 Dsus2 "I neeeeeeeeeee [E7sus4addD] h [F#m#5addD] h [Gsus2addD] eeeeeeeeeed now..." Em7 E7#9sus4 Dsus2 Repeat the chords in that rhythm. Make sure you remember to hammer on when playing the bottom 3 strings as you go up (0 h 2 h 3). Listen to the song closely. Arpeggio bridge: When the singer says, “Pass the light, of course…we’re stalling”, hold this Dsus2 arpeggio:
Play it over and over until 2:56 in, then the chord sequence changes. Chords Part 2
Dsus2 E/Dsus2 B/Dsus2 A/Dsus2e--0-------0-----------0--------------0-|B--3-------3-----------3--------------3-|G--2-------2-----------2--------------2-|D--0-------2-----------0--------------0-|A----------------------2--------------0-|E---------------------------------------|
[Dsus2] h [E/Dsus2] B/Dsus2 A/Dsus2 Try to strum all the other strings openly on the guitar, but put emphasis on the notes I put in front of the slashes. For the first one, try to hit the open D string with a bit more emphasis when strumming. For the second, the second fret on the D strong with more emphasis, and so on. If you listen to the song, you’ll catch what I mean. The only hammer on is between the Dsus2 and the E/Dsus2. It helps if you mute the low E string (you can hook your thumb over the neck and mute it, use your pointer finger when you’re fretting the B on the B string, or avoid the E string all together). Play this until he says, “And I will run to Ohio,” then the chords change while he says I" the second time: Outro
Em7 Dsus4add9 Dmaje--0-------3-----------2----|B--3-------3-----------3----|G--0-------0-----------2----|D--0-------2-----------0----|A--2-------0-----------0----|E--0-------0-----------0----|
E7#9sus4 Dsus4add9 Dmaj End on Dmaj
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