On The Roof – The Kid That Flew chords

On The Roof
The Kid That Flew
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com


Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C -  x32010
G -  x32010
Em - 022000
D -  xx0232
Am - x02210

Intro: C-G-Em-D- x3

Verse 1:
C He's just a kid who had
G Em Dnothing to hold on to at night
C You'd laugh and talk
Gbehind his back
Embut that's what kids
Ddo am I right?
C GCause I am heartless
Em Dyou are heartless
C GWe are heartless
Em Dis that alright with you?
C Don't let go of the night
G Cause it leads into light
Em The kid that flew would
Dnever save his breath for
C G something so illogical
Em D something so beautiful
Verse 2:
CHe would run just as
G Em Dfast as he could
Clooking back
Gdon't stop now no
Em Dplease not this time
Am With pity in his eyes
Emhe'd turn his head
Dthe other way
no he won't wait for
Amapologies and lies
Em Dhe's got plans for better days
C G you may lose it
(but it doesn't matter now cause with time we'll all fade out)
Em Dand find it hard to breath
C G cause you chose it
(no it doesn't matter now cause with time we'll all fade..)
Dam I allowed to breathe?
Guitar Solo: C-G-Em-D-C-G-Em
DAm I allowed to breathe in deep?
(Repeat Chorus)
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