One Direction – Torn chords

Hello everybody!
This is my first tab, so go easy! this is the acoustic version that One Direction 
did on the X-Factor, and I just learnt it by ear! It's a lovely cover, so I 
thought I'd share it with the rest of you! :) xx 

The tuning if half a step down! When you listen to the performance, you can hear 
the guitarist doing hammer-ons on the bass notes of the chords :) xx 

(Intro) D 
(D)I thought I saw a girl brought to life
F#m She was warm she came around
GShe was dignified
She showed me what it was to cry
DYou couldn't be that girl I adored
F#mYou don't seem to know or seem to care
GWhat your heart is for
But I don't know her anymore
BmThere's nothing left, I used to cry
AMy conversation has run dry
F#mThat's what's going on
ANothing's fine
DI'm torn
AI'm all out of faith
BmThis is how I feel
GI'm cold and I am shamed
DLying naked on the floor
AIllusion never changed
F#mInto something real
GI'm wide awake and I can see
DThe perfect sky is torn
A You're a little late
F#m GI'm already torn (I'm already torn)
BmThere's nothing left, I used to cry
AInspiration has run dry
F#m AThat's what's going on
Nothing's fine
DI'm torn
AYou're a little late
F#m GI'm already torn
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