One Direction – Truly Madly Deely tab

Truly, Madly, Deeply -One Direction

I think this is a pretty song, this is my first tab I've done so sorry if there are mistakes:)
Capo 5

Intro:e [------------------------]b [-----0-----0----0----0--]g [-----0-----0----0----0--]d [------------------------]a [------------------------]E [---3-----2-----0----2---]
For liam's verse play the intro twice then..
e [-------------------------------------------------]b [-----0-----0----0----0-------0-----0-----0-----0-]g [-----0-----0----0----0-------0-----0-----0-----0-]d [-------------------------------------------------]a [---3-----2-----0----2------3-----2-----0-----2---]E [-------------------------------------------------]
The repeat that for naill's part. For the chorus it is just the intro 7 times ina row (very repetitive, I know) Then for the next verse it is..
e[------------------------------ -----------------------------|b[--------0-----0----0------0--- ----0------0-----0------0----|g[---------0-----0----0------0-- x2 -----0------0-----0------0---| x2d[-------0-----0----0------0---- ---0------0-----0------0-----|a[------------------------------ --3------2-----0------2------|E[----3-----2-------0-----2----- -----------------------------|
The chorus again is just the first part of the verse above played 7 times. for the bridge: (G)I hope I'm not a (Em)casualty Hope you won't get up and (D)leave I dont mean that much to (Em)you But to me it's (C)everything...(pause) everything.. then its the chorus again it might not be all right but play around with it and have fun! good luck!<3
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