One Direction - 1d Medley chords version 2


G DDon't try to make me stay
AmOr ask if I'm okay
Em DI don't have the answers
G DDon't make me stay the night
AmOr ask if I'm alright
Em DI don't have the answer
G D/F# Think that we got more time
Em7 One more falling behind
Cadd9 Gotta make up my mind
D BmBut baby if you say you want me to stay
G A D Ill change my mind
D Bm Cause I dont wanna know Im walking away
G A DIf youll be mine
D AWont go,
Bm GWont go
D Bm G A So baby if you say youll want me to stay, stay for the night
Bm G A D Ill change my mind.
G D/F#Forget all we said that night
EmNo it doesn't even matter
CCause we both got split in two
G D/F#If you could spare an hour or so
EmWe'll go for the lunch down by the river
CWe could really talk it through
Am G C FIf we could only have this life for one more day
Bm G FIf we could only turn back time
DCuz I've been waiting
A BmAll this time to finally say it
G DBut now I see your hearts been taken
A BmAnd nothing could be worse
GBaby, I loved you first
DHad my chances
A BmCould've been where he is standing
G DThat's what hurts the most
AGirl, I came so close
BmBut now you'll never know
GBaby, I loved you first
Am C You'll never love yourself
Em DHalf as much as I love you
Am C G You'll never treat yourself right darlin'
DBut I want you to
Am C If I let you kno-o-o-w
G DI'm here for you
Am C Em D Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you. Oh..
G CI hear the beat of my heart getting louder
DWhenever I'm near you
Bm GIf you're pretending from the start
D ALike this, with a tight grip, then my kiss
Bm GCan mend your broken heart
D AI might miss everything you said to me
Bm GAnd I could lend you broken parts
D A That might fit like this
Bm G DAnd I would give you all my heart
A D So we could start it all over again
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