One Man Army – The Holidays chords

One Man Army is one of my favorite bands, their music is especially rough, but extremely 
and undeniably catchy. This song is a fan favorite. Here's to one of the greatest punk 
bands in the past twenty years.

A F# B E

A F#Don't know much abut life these days
B EAll I know is what I've been told
A F#Well, lately everything seems to fall on deaf ears
B EI didn't know you were gone 'til it was too late
D E AAnd if it all, it'd all been my fault
D E AI'd take the constant ache through the holidays
D E EbGive me one more shot
D E EbAny, all, or none
D E AA way back to your heart
A F# B E
A F#Don't remember much these days
B EOnly us, when you were just 19
A F#Well, lateley everything seems so fucked up
B EDidn't know you were gone 'til it was too late
[Chorus] A F# B E [Chorus] End on A See you in the pit all you fellow punks. Stay groovy and keep on rockin'.
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