One More Girl - The Day I Fall chords

This is my first tab, so sorry if any of it is wrong! You can e-mail me any 
changes if you find them! (


Capo 5 (6/8 time signature)

D 	D	D	D

Verse 1-
D A D DI might be a damsel but Iím not in distress
D AIíve just been battling loneliness
D A Em GBut a cowboy will save me all dressed in white
Em AYou can bet your last doubt when he does
D A Em DIím gonna dance in the streets the day I fall in love
G DWhen I fall in love
A G AGuns will be blazing and rockets will fly
D GAnd I wonít look behind me
D Em AAt the loneliness left in the desert to die
G D AAnd together weíll ride
Em A DThe day I fall, I fall, in love
Verse 2 (same as verse 1)- Pain is the bad guy in a duster of black Heís got me down here tied to the tracks But love will release me all in good time Donít know when, but I know this much The sun wonít go down the day I fall in love Chorus Bridge-
DThe day I fall
G AAll wrongs will be righted
D Em AA thousand white doves will take flight
G D AWhen I fall the day will be mine
Em AAnd last for the rest of my life
G D AAnd together we'll ride
GThe day I fall
A DThe day I fall in love
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