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Author/Artist: Onelinedrawing
Title: Better Than This
Album: Sketchy (EP)
Transcribed by: Cody Morrison

This is a super easy song to play.  It's just the same riff throughout
the whole song.  Also, for bragging rights, this has to be the first
Onelinedrawing tab on this site.  HA!  I am so cool.  Anyway, onto the

Standard Tuning


/ = slide
x = scrape

This is played throughout the whole song...

E ----------------------------------|B ----------------------------------|B -9-9-x-x-9-9---4-4-/-7------------|D -9-9-x-x-9-9---4-4-/-7---6-6-/-9--|A -7-7-x-x-6-6---2-2-/-5---6-6-/-9--|E -------------------------4-4-/-7--|
...and that's it. That little riff becomes lightly distorted later on in the song, but I bet you already knew that. Enjoy.
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