Onelinedrawing - Tides tab

This is a pretty easy song to play.  The fingering doesn't change much, and the
fingerpicking pattern is quite basic.  The words also tend to line up with
chord changes, so it doesn't take much coordination to sing along!

E -------------------------------------------------|B -------3-----------3-----------3-----------3-----|B -----------2-----------2-----------2-----------2-|D -0---0---0-----------0-----------0-----------0---|A -------------------------0---0-------------------|E -------------3---3-------------------3---3-------|
This time next year ...
E -------------|B -------3-----|B -----------2-|D ---------0---|A -0---0-------|E -------------|
I rely on this ...
E -------------------------|B -------3-----------3-----|B -----------2-----------2-|D ---------0-----------0---|A -------------------------|E -2---2-------3---3-------|
Just show up there's time ...
E -------------------------------------|B -------3-----------3-----------3-----|B -----------2-----------2-----------2-|D ---------0-----------0-----------0---|A -1---1-------------------------------|E -------------2---2-------3---3-------|
Will rise like tides ...
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